Music Director

Comin' atcha from the sunny state of California is our talented, tenor singing, music directing, rock climbing enthusiast Tyler Cotner. Tyler is pursuing a degree in Music Education and Music Composition within our College of Fine Arts.... dang son. This kid does everything musical. In addition to singing with In Achord, Tyler has also been a member of BU Singers, Symphonic Choir, two World Music Ensembles, AND Scarlett Band. When he's not listening to our diverse set, Tyler enjoys listening to the Punch Brothers, Lorde, Miles Davis, Lake Street Dive, and Gallant, just to name a few. Does this dude do anything besides music?! Oh wait, yes he does. He loves to cook, hike, rock climb, bike, meditate, and do yoga. What a guy! Tyler describes himself as a "hippie-dippie crunchy-granola child". ...That's a direct quote folks. Man, do we love our vegan granola child.



That's right, it's the queen herself, Sali Diakite! Sali is coming to us from the breezy, ocean state of Rhode Island. She's a senior in the College of Communication majoring in Public Relations. BUT she is also pursuing a minor in both philosophy and political science. Will she rule the world someday? Probably. Beyond the classroom, Sali has interned at the State House, is a member of the Stage Crew for CFA's School of Music, and works at FitRec. Some people say that you go to FitRec to exercise.., but you really go to see Sali. When asked what her fun fact was Sali answered: "One time, when I was 6, I was sledding near a busy road and I ended up in traffic. I was fine, but I got THE Harry Potter scar on my forehead." Is Sali the girl who lived?



Assistant Music Director

This beautiful mermaid princess is our glass-breaking, soprano singing Riley Jayne Gallivan. Riley is a senior studying Music Education with a concentration in voice in our College of Fine Arts. She, like many of our In Achordians, is a California sunchild. This sunchild LOVES to sing and loves all things acappella. When she's not locked in the dungeons of CFA practicing, Riley loves to have fun in the sun (Classic Cali gurl amirite?). She's a rambunctious ball of energy who loves to swim, run, and hike. But when the sun ain't out, Riley also likes to cozy down and watch all and any Will Ferrell movies. And though Riley may appear to be a college-aged gal, she is actually only five years old. WHAAAAT? How is that possible, you may ask. Well, Riley was born on leap day. So technically she is the youngest human being to attend college. Who knew we had a genius in our midst? 



Who's Lawrence? I'm not sure, but this dude to the left is the one, the only, "The Law." Law is another California sunchild, hailing from the town of Fremont. He is a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences studying Computer Science. Law is one of IAC's arrangers, and a damn good one at that! But when Law's not arranging, bringing dat bass, beat boxing, and serving as IAC's human pitch pipe (he has perfect pitch, what?!?!), you can catch Law tearin' it up around Boston in Super Smash Bros. Melee tournaments. Don't even try to beat him, it's not possible. Law's actually putting his computer science skillz to work in developing a ranking system for Smash players across the globe. Is there anything this kid can't do? The world may never know!




This, friends, is Elizabeth Alice Davenport... but you can call her Biba. Biba is a junior studying Public Relations in the College of Communication. She's originally from the humid city of Jacksonville, Florida (Go Jags!)  In addition to singing the greatest parts in any arrangement as a beautiful sop, Biba is also a killer flooreo director. We're not really sure what that is so you'll have to ask her. Maybe it has something to do with oreos that fell on the ground? When Biba isn't gracing In Achord with her presence, she is also a member of the sorority Gamma Phi Beta (where she has earned the nickname Gamma Phi Biba), AND works at the rock climbing wall at FitRec. We don't really know how Biba does it all, but a smile never leaves this gal's face. When asked what her fun fact was, Biba had two. She's left handed... What kind of fun fact is that Biba? AND her high school won two Grammy's while she was there. I guess that makes up for the whole left handed thing... 

Ryan Profile Pic.jpg


This dashing dude to the left is Ryan Karg! But you can also call him Kargus, Kargalarg, Glarg...really any form of his last name works. Ryan is a junior in the Pardee School of Global Studies within CAS, and he's come all the way from Oakland, New Jersey, to grace In Achord with his beautiful baritone notes. When Ryan isn't singing with IAC, you can find him performing with BU's On Broadway, or maybe gaming with BU Esports, the competitive video game group on campus. Wow Ryan, singing, acting, and gaming? Talk about a triple threat! Ryan also enjoys cooking, hiking, and being a social democrat, and some of his favorite artists include Hozier, Bon Iver, STRFKR, and Tame Impala. Ryan also comes from a large family–he has 8 siblings, officially making him the member of In Achord that has the most amount of siblings! ...we're not sure what you can do with that qualification, Ryan, but hey, it's an official position nonetheless! We're so lucky to have this talented guy in the group!



Behold, for this guy right here is the amazingly talented Rama Lauw. Rama came to Boston all the way from Ambon, Indonesia, JUST to audition for In Achord! ...okay, maybe not JUST for In Achord, but hey, we sure are happy to have him. Rama is a junior in the College of Communication studying Film and Television (we'll soon see him on the big screen, no doubt!). When he isn't singing for In Achord with those harmonious tenor vocals, Rama can be found acting with BU's theater group, Stage Troupe, or interning at The Marble Collection, a non-profit magazine that publishes high school students' artwork. Wow, what a guy, amirite? Rama also loves traveling, and outdoor activities like biking and swimming. When we asked him for a fun fact, Rama revealed that he came to BU when he was only 16, used to compete in Math Olympiads, AND speaks three different traditional Indonesian languages! Look out Jimmy Neutron, cause I think we've found our next boy genius right here.



This beautiful, trendy gal is the lovely Nora Ceil Stolzman. Nora is a Rhode Island native studying Political Science in the College of Arts and Sciences. Alongside studying PolySci, Nora is also minoring in Spanish and BU's Core Program. What a smaht cookie! She puts the pep in In Achord's step both with her never ending energy and her killer alto pipes. But aside from In Achord, Nora also brings her passion to 16 Thousand Strong, a student group standing against sexual assault. You go Nora! But wait! There's more. Nora also loves to play the ukulele, eat cake, run, pet her beautiful little pug, jam to Billy Joel, Ingrid Michelson, and the Shins, AND dismantle the cis, white heteropatriarchy. AND (yes there's another and) she can order a pizza in Japanese. If you're in search for the most interesting woman in the world, please look no further!




This gal puts the “Cool” in Coolidge and in Cool Whip and in Coulomb… You get the picture. Mara is a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences majoring in Linguistics and minoring in Deaf Studies. She has voyaged all the way from Naples, Florida to bless us with her harmonious soprano voice. When Mara isn’t talking about languages (she's conversational in finnish, fluent in Spanish, and learning ASL) or singing with In Achord, she loves to do all things musical. She can play the harp, ukulele, guitar, piano, and drums and loves to perform covers on said instruments. When it comes to musical taste Mara likes to kick it old school with The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and Queen. But she also digs more alternative stuff like The Foo Fighters and The Killers as well! Mara enjoys napping, being a liberal, and eating a whole bag of Milano cookies in one sitting. Beyond musical talents, Mara serves as In Achord's unofficial makeup artist! Wowza!



This wicked awesome, Bahston native is the sass master herself, Tatyana Fonseca. You can just call her Tats though (Hey Napoleon, give me some of your tots!) Tatyana is a sophomore in the Pardee School studying International Relations with a minor in Spanish. When she's not studying how to master the art of mind control or providing us with her smooooooth alto pipes, Tatyana enjoys writing/playing music, napping anywhere and everywhere, spending time with the ASO on campus, learning new languages, and watching ALL the good comedy shows out there, especially Arrested Development. Hopefully The Office is on your list too, Tats. Another one of Tats’ hobbies is playing the mayonnaise… If you couldn’t tell from that obscure reference, she’s a very intense SpongeBob fanatic and is a particular fan of Seasons 1-3. Can you teach me how to play the mayonnaise? Some of Tats’ favorite artists are Queen Bey (#retweet), Thirdstory, Frank Ocean, Chance the Rapper, and Eryn Allen Kane. What a great list of artists! WE LOVE OUR TATS!



Vice President

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the soulful Bailey Katsumata-Smith! Bails hails from the cold, mitten state of Michigan (GO GREEN!). More specifically, Grand Rapids, MI. She is currently an sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences studying Political Science. She plans on working at the State House, then taking the presidency, and then conquering the whole WORLD!! ...jk. Bailey sings alto for IAC and, like Law, is a human pitch pipe. Give me an F#! Along with singing, Bailey also loves to bake desserts and collect fossils. It’s like my grandma used to say: “There’s nothin’ like a good cookie and an imprinted rock of an extinct creature to round out an afternoon!” Completely unrelated, some of Bailey’s favorite artists are Beyonce, Etta James, Demi Lovato, Ed Sheeran (mmmmmmm), and Arctic Monkeys! We ily a milli Bailey!




This wonderful woman to the left is our picture-taking, travel-aholic, fashionista Rachel Leiner. Rachel is a sophomore in the College of Communication studying Advertising with a minor in History. She hails from the Island that is Long in the York that is New (Long Island, New York). When Rachel isn’t gracing us with her bomb.com fashion (and powerful alto voice), you can find her anywhere around the Northeast with a camera slung ‘round her shoulder. If you haven’t picked up on it by now, Rachel is an amazing photographer (check her out at rachelleiner.com) and was actually a finalist for National Geographic’s Student Photography Competition! Beyond music and photography Rachel also loves to cook, loves jamming out to early 2000's music, and loves to eat all things pistachio (including ice cream). What, are you 75 or something Rachel? Despite her questionable ice cream taste, we are so lucky to have this lady in our group!



This stylin’ dude to the left is our very own Timothy Ng! Tim is a sophomore in the Questrom School of Business pursuing a degree in Business Administration. Tim has hopped, skipped, and jumped across a couple continents from Singapore to join us as a baritone in In Achord and we’re so happy he did! You may be wondering why Tim looks so mature for a sophomore. It’s because he’s actually 22! Tim has spent the past couple years traveling and performing with the Singapore Army band! And he hasn’t stopped performing since. Anywhere Tim goes, his guitar goes. And maybe if you’re lucky, he’ll stop and serenade you with his silky smooth voice – an experience one could only dream of! Beyond music, Tim also enjoys playing basketball, watching Game of Thrones, sleeping, and reading! A fun fact for ya: Tim has read each Harry Potter book more than twenty times! Now that’s impressive. We can't wait to have this dude in our group for the next four years! TIM! TIM! TIM! TIM!



This good lookin’ fella is Ethan Schalekamp! (Don’t worry, we don’t know how to pronounce his last name either). Ethan is a sophomore in Sargent College pursuing a degree in Physical Therapy and he reigns from the small town of Niskayuna in upstate New York! He graces In Achord with not only his beautiful tenor voice, but also his expertise in weightlifting; he serves as IAC’s unofficial trainer (not really, but the dude can lift some serious weights). In his free time Ethan also loves to perform with BU’s theater group On Broadway, draw, make films, hike, cook, and everything else under the sun. What a guy! Some of Ethan’s favorite artists are Sting, Young the Giant, Andrea Bocelli, and Mumford and Sons… such a diverse taste in music! And lastly, when asked what his fun fact was Ethan replied: “I once turned orange because I ate too many sweet potatoes.” Luckily, Ethan’s skin has since lost its orange glow, but it would’ve been pretty cool to have an oompa loompa in the group...



Social Media

This dude to the left is 007 himself, Greg Bond! Greg is from Walpole, Massachusetts, and is a freshman in the College of Fine Arts pursuing a double major in Painting and Graphic Design with a minor in Art History. Greg sings those sweet, bumpin' baritone lines in IAC, and also performs with BU's Stage Troupe. When he isn't singing or acting, you can find him drawing, practicing his cello skills, playing Pokemon, or caring for his HydroFlask (#Sustainability!). When we asked Greg who his favorite artists were, he said that he loves Ariana Grande and Sia, but also that he can get DOWN to the Phineas & Ferb and Trolls soundtracks. ...yeah, we weren't sure how to respond either, A fun fact: Greg has broken his front tooth twice!  Once, he tripped up the stairs in 4th grade, and in 6th grade, he dropped a laptop on his face. Don't worry, we love you Greg, no matter how many times you break your teeth!



This devilishly handsome guy right here is the one and only Anthony Richards! Anthony hails from Allentown, Pennsylvania, and is a freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences studying English. Not only does he dish out those low, low bass notes with In Achord, but he also is part of BU's spoken word group, Speak For Yourself, where he shares his own poetry. How romantic, Anthony! When he's not making all the ladies and gents swoon through singing and poetry, Anthony can be found playing video games from dusk 'til dawn. For real, if you ever need anything at 4 a.m., the man WILL be awake. Anthony's favorite artists include Pentatonix, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, Frank Sinatra, and Linkin Park. When we asked Anthony for a fun fact, he said that before developing his love for singing, he played baseball for 10 seasons. Wow Anthony, fun AND sporty! We're so lucky to have you!



You may be wondering, "Who IS Paola?". Well, the real question at hand is: "Who ISN'T Paola?". Seriously, this gal does it ALL. Paola is another one of our Florida natives (from Miami, to be exact), and she's a freshman in the College of Engineering studying Mechanical Engineering. She blesses In Achord with her beautiful Mezzo vocals, and when she isn't busy singing her heart out or engineering the next top technology of 2018, she can be found reading, playing some sweet tunes on guitar, or kickboxing. Yes, you heard right folks, she kickboxes too. But get this, there's more! Paola is also bilingual. Her first language is Spanish! She's also in the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers at BU. Talk about combining your interests! Some of Paola's favorite artists include Radiohead, Amy Winehouse, Frank Ocean, The Strokes, and Tame Impala. Dang Paola, you really CAN do it all!



This lovely lady right here is the wonderful Maddie Sassoon! But she also goes by Snaddie Snaztoon, Saddie Massoon...you get the gist. Maddie is a freshman in the Questrom School of Business pursuing a degree in Business with a concentration in Marketing. She's come from the mystic land of Scotch Plains, New Jersey, to bless us with her sonorous soprano singing. Aside from performing with In Achord, Maddie also is in the BU Marketing Club and is a part of MediaGirls, an organization that teaches middle school girls about the power of positive social media and empowering women through it. She also enjoys exploring, petting cats, reading, and spontaneous dancing. Wow, so wholesome! A fun fact for ya: Maddie actually used to take flying trapeze classes! We've been trying to incorporate her skills into our choreography, but we haven't had much luck yet due to our lack of official In Achord Flying Trapezes... we'll keep ya updated with that. We love you, Maddie!

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